Win the Lost …. At Any Cost

Win the Lost! At Any Cost!

What does this really mean to you?

I have looked at our motto (CRC) time and again, to really unpack the extent to which “At ANY Cost!” is really derived.

What is meant by it? Where does it come from? What does it even mean!

As someone who has a habit of unpacking (analytical mind) even on the smallest of detail, this at times will get under the skin of those closer to me, for them it amounts to unnecessary and to myself, well really, it essentially becomes an unsolved mystery waiting to be solved to its Nth degree, well not really, but ultimately this is an itch that needs to be scratched.

I have always asked though, to what level does one go to win the lost. Does this mean by stopping in a shop somewhere to interrupt people publicly to share the Gospel? Does this mean by inviting the very person who just threatened to punch you in the face (this might sound extreme but I carry a testimony)? Does this mean, by making sure the lost get to church, by facilitating transport in your car or public or cab? Does this mean by following up the person daily in person at their home or work? Does this mean by arranging prayer groups at work or family gatherings? Does this mean praying for people in busy public places?

This list can go on, now having asked these questions, the need at times arises in the natural to answer these questions, intellectually and within reason. Which at times could just plain and simple be the wrong answer due prejudice. I have more than learnt now, but rather come to know that all the answers we seek lie with the God breathed Word. So this morning was of no exception, during morning bible reading.

Now to cut to the chase, in Acts 16:3 AMP we read, “Paul desired Timothy to go with him [as a missionary]; and he took him and circumcised him because of the Jews that were in those places, all of whom knew that his [Timothy’s]* father was a Greek.”

*I added this name

So Paul wanted a missionary helper he met on his trip, Timothy, to be circumcised. Timothy was half-Jewish, so Paul circumcised him, why?, so that he would not be a hindrance (in SA we call it anti-revolutionary) as they planned to reach out to the unsaved Jews in the areas they targeted for revival and evangelism. Remember that the Bible did not require Timothy to be circumcised, it was something he did willing for the sake of reaching the Jews.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that this message reaches you in the intended way. Amen!

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