Demonic Network

The Holy Spirit has revealed to me a demonic network, which operates through the children of disobedience (unsaved/unbelievers). The sheep of the Shepherd are protected or set apart from the network.

This network is very instrumental in the world based on the fact that the devil is not like God and lacks the features only held by the Lord God Almighty; omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent amongst others.

It is commonly known that the devil tries to copy the Kingdom of Light into his kingdom of darkness. Now having put it plain, we start to understand the operations of this network and it’s dependency on it’s nodes of transport being the children of disobedience or the unbelievers to broaden this scope.

I will make a case to make my point, now As believers we will receive God’s Word or we may be the edge of our breakthrough for virtually anything ie a big deal, a baby, a marriage etc. Through then our innocence we start sharing and revealing God’s plan for our life before the breakthrough comes, the right at the moment when we expect our breakthrough to come the entire deal falls through the cracks, we receive a stillborn child or the marriage doesn’t happen or fails. This evil is commonly referred to as the spirit of pisgah, this spirit lives at the edge of our breakthrough and should be exposed.

Now having laid down that some understanding, where does this network come in, when we talk and we share with the unsuspecting nodes, we are in actual fact giving to the devil through his children the plans which God has for us. He sits and waits for news which is shared and noteworthy through this established network.

When you move as a person/spirit from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light (through salvation and baptism), the devil loses you, and hence we find ourselves in a kingdom battle of saving our own lives and some of us make it through not giving up because it being obviously tough. Now from the command center where the devil sits, those in his kingdom are plotted on a form of radar, which knows always where his children are at all times and hence, no Kingdom battle is waged against you until you take the decision to leave.

Through my own experience I have seen this, when I was living care free in the world, I didn’t have as much as a phone call from anyone “wanting to catch-up”. Once I started vacating my position there, I would started receive random and funny calls from people in my past inquiring what I am up to these days, they do this unawares that they are a tool. Anything that hits the ears of these children immediately finds its way back to the command center.

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