God is so unfair…

Blessed day family, the title might have you caught off guard for a moment in time there. Well just to emphasise, when you are wearing the other shoe, and we looking at God’s works from the other side (the side of those who do not hear or listen), what might be going on in the

For The Sake Of Peace

We often hear the words “for the sake of peace”, it came to me that these words are from the stomach of the devil himself, and this is why. God throughout the bible has taught us that this philosophy is against what he stands for, war for the sake of peace instead of peace for

2-way Communication

Good morning family, trust we are all in good spirit and ready to take on the kingdom of Satan that we may be a shining light and the salt in his worldly Kingdom … It has come to my attention this morning that often God tunes in to an endless stream of radio stations throughout


Family good morning … this morning message is sweet and short … DON’T MESS WITH GOD …please read up the story of Marriam and Aaron who were back biting Moses his trusted messenger, this really made God upset … Numbers 12 … blessed day family …

Born-again Experience

My life of sin was as being said, dead in sin, I had no clue whatsoever what I was doing, primarily due to the veil of the world over my innocent eyes. I was a cheater, meaning automatically I was a liar, I was on the verge of alcoholism at some stage of this journey,

Demonic Network

The Holy Spirit has revealed to me a demonic network, which operates through the children of disobedience (unsaved/unbelievers). The sheep of the Shepherd are protected or set apart from the network. This network is very instrumental in the world based on the fact that the devil is not like God and lacks the features only

Jesus Wins The Battle Of Jericho

I have learnt through much trial and error that wisdom is ultimately the aspect that is the ruler of this world and God’s Kingdom, intelligence/smartness are certainly aspects gained, belonging and limited to this world. Why is this important to you, you may be asking? It is a matter of literally life and death, to

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