Born-again Experience

My life of sin was as being said, dead in sin, I had no clue whatsoever what I was doing, primarily due to the veil of the world over my innocent eyes.

I was a cheater, meaning automatically I was a liar, I was on the verge of alcoholism at some stage of this journey, I remember my saved aunt commenting “this one drinks too much”. I heard it, but I didn’t really hear it, because of this veil we are born with, which covers our eyes, ears and mouth. I led people astray spiritually, I followed a mixture of belief systems, which did not glorify the Lord my God.

The experience of having been born-again is like nothing on this earth. The moment when you are called, during the alter call to Salvation, is very unnerving to say the least. Your spirit-man comes alive inside you, like a full-term baby kicking inside the womb of his mother wanting to come into this world. This experience seeks to draw you closer to God to be ushered into His Kingdom, it immediately awakens, the anti agents, your soul/mind which have been leading your battle in the world, since he too knows the truth, the things of God.

The battle between your spirit-man and your mind sets in fear, confusion and doubt which are tactics of satan, to keep you in bondage. With enough praying Christians around you helping in this fight, your spirit-man wins this battle. It brings you to a point where you feel you have won a struggle/battle, and you raise your hand as a public declaration that you accept the call.

My experience was slightly different, I felt this emptiness for some years now at that point and when I heard the call I Had already started my walk in the flesh, it was only on my 4th or 5th call that I was filled with joy and was very excited to be called to join the Kingdom spiritually. I felt immediate lightness, as I walked to the alter to join other babes in Christ. This was by the way not my first alter call I responded to but my 3rd at different stages of my life, God chose only this experience and the experiences of this world which brought me to a point of accepting, accepting that I have been defeated by this world and now seeking the peace I am promised, which surpasses all understanding.

I thank everyone who really takes the time to read and/or share these inspired messages

– always inspired by the Holy Ghost

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