When did i start programming?

dream was to be a doctor since I can remember around Sub A (age 7) till Std 7 (age 15)

my aunt visiting from PTA asks me the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” loudly and proudly “a doctor”. told no leave that nonsense I won’t take my sick child to a black doctor instead to a Indian or white doctor…. dream crushed … instead look at IT it’s going to be the biggest thing in the future … my jaw dropped … really?

same year researching jobs in newspaper came across a computer systems engineer job ad grossing R90,000 monthly … jaw dropped again

1997 (age 15) – spent 3 months convincing grandmother to buy me a computer … my white friends at school have it and at school too so I need it too

1997 (age 15) – my first brand new pentium 2 arrives… my career begins

1997 (age 15) – PASCAL – didn’t get it, just saw turtle moving, bad teacher maybe?

1998 (age 16) – started working at ANC provincial office as the computer technician and elections data/network admin.

1998 (age 16) – teaching ms office to community and school kids from a school computer centre

1999 (age 17) – math teacher colluded with parent to get me out of Turbo Pascal class because maths going down, extra lessons programming going up

1999 (age 17) – ms excel guru give me lessons … jaw dropping experience … at the 1999 ANC ✊ elections NC appointed as the overseer of a delphi application for collecting results

2001 semester 1 (age 19) – failed entrance exam into computer systems (cs) made the basic programming short course

… semester 2 – passed no.1 in group of 200 given options of computer systems and IT to choose from, obvious choice of computer systems, jaw dropping life changing moment …

I MADE IT! In CS i passed all subjects (expect maths 101) of my 1st semester subjects … chuffed!

learned: ms access, oop & databases

2002 semester 1 (age 20) – fail maths 101 again and all 2nd semester subject choices … jaw dropping … June holidays … parent hands me a death threat if I fail one more subject, I will be shopping bag packer at checkers for the remainder of my life … jaw dropping

learnt: C, c++, assembler

… semester 2 (20) – stuck at the crossroads … after research of which is the easiest IT course 3rd years all confirm … Web Development! … looking back I realise … 1.5 years down the drain of a 3yr career … convinced lecturer to allow me 1yr subjects in 1 semester. .. GRANTED! … attending classes day and night, working as an assistant lecturer & a waiter… completed 1st yr Web Dev in 1 semester … jaw dropping!

learned: HTML, CSS & JS

2003 semester 1 (age 21) – completed 2nd yr in 2 semesters as a waiter and lecturer … jaw dropping! … not really 😀 …

taught: PHP

… semester 2 – walked into 3rd yr subjects with friends from 2001 first day orientation. .. now that’s jaw dropping to them … lol … priceless look on their faces for the rest there is Mastercard! decided to relax now with my subject overload. being a top achiever I was selected for our varsity incubation center earning a 3rd salary now

2004 (22) – started btech Web and decided I was finished with 3 subjects remaining (dropped out)

learnt: php frameworks ie smarty etc

2004 Dec 10 (turning 23) – headhunted by IT firm, converted me into ASP VB6 developer from a php evangelist … imagine from light (good) to dark (evil) … lol … paid way more so I was happy

2005 Dec (24) – resigned to start my own investor funded tech-startup, failed in 3 months …

2006 Apr to dec (24) – headhunted 3 times to 3 months jobs just to fix code, fell in love with freelancing called myself “the mercenary” … biggest mistake ever … money grew faster than technical skills

learnt: .Net framework, c#, VStudio

2007 (25) – first sports car …

Learnt: sharepoint and administration

2008 (26) – first marriage … living the life

learnt: business skills, system & business analysis, solution architecture, business process management

2009 dec (28) – joined tech-startup as director

learnt: more business skills … apparently not enough to run business

2011 (30) – wife leaves

learnt: pain

2013 Dec (32) – business liquidation

learnt: how to be strong and be solo

2014 Jan (32) – failed marriage, failed business and bankrupt returned to hometown (kimberley) with about 0% IT growth … started new tech-startup, generated first income in July and closed year with 2 employees, received support (food and accom) from family and friends (and 2005 employer)

learnt: how to generate an income, made about R1.5m in 6 months buy selling computers

2015 july (33) – realised buying/selling is a dead end career … dumped that and created a recurring business model as an ISP … closed year with 0 employees due to cash strapped business … living off family completed

learnt: how to survive, business skills, take risks

2016 jan (34) – completed first draft of recurring business 1.0 and ready for testing and debugging, first happy customer (family member) … jaw dropping moment … IT’S ALIVE!

2016 Feb (34) – Jesus Christ found me (the lost sheep)!

learnt: John 3:16 and Matthew 28:19

2016 Mar (34) – business received life after dead period (Ezekiel 37: 1-14)

2016 Aug (34) – introduced VOIP services and first business client and closed year with 6 street sales agents

learnt: how to run my business completely on the net using systems thus requiring extremely low to 0% overheads (a laptop and 1 person to answer phone calls)

2017 Jan (35) – started year with 0 employees again … lol

2017 June (35) – part of formation of a national ICT NPO designed to implement Radical Economic Transformation for the previously disadvantaged groups and automatically becomes a catalyst for my vision of turning the Northern Cape in the next Silicon Valley of the world …

today (35) – generating average of 100 monthly invoices with 1 admin … Oh and married again …

learnt: never give up!

blessed day to all those who reach here!

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