2-way Communication

Good morning family, trust we are all in good spirit and ready to take on the kingdom of Satan that we may be a shining light and the salt in his worldly Kingdom …

It has come to my attention this morning that often God tunes in to an endless stream of radio stations throughout the world daily, but why?

What is a radio to you, 92.7Mhz is a frequency when we use our radio to tune in we get to hear the voice of non other than Mzi and friends on revival for instance or any other radio station out there.

The idea behind a radio is that is a form of one way communication with two modes or points of contact eg a transmitter and a receiver.

Are we a stream of endless reception to God? Requesting or telling God …

Two way communication makes for a better system or way of doing things because if Noah did not stop to listen to God, he would be a floater, the bible shows us from Adam (Genesis) to John (Revelations) including Christ, that receiving or hearing from God is as critical as making supplication.

Making time to hear from God through quiet time or reading His Word are ways of listening, there are many sources out there on this topic as well one such being articles by a much respected author on this topic Ben Swett

Lord God, I pray that my brother or sister is encouraged through this message to press into God, in the mighty name of Jesus our personal Lord and Saviour, Amen!

– Sabata Mereeotlhe

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